How to Create Handwritten Signature Online


Businesses have become more competitive across the globe. Therefore, Business people should look for ways on how to create a signature that is more appealing to the eyes on the clients as this will build more trust how to e sign a pdf. Thus the handwritten signature needs to be created online. The handwritten signature will give the document written a personal touch and makes more people love and trust your brand. Besides, handwritten signatures are not that easy to forget since it looks unique Although many people think that creating a handwritten signature is a difficult task, it is very easy, and one only need to follow simple steps to come up with the attractive handwritten signature online.

How to Create a Handwritten Signature Online

  • Using a black pen, write your signature on a piece of paper and allow the ink used on the paper to dry up. This signature should be very neat and attractive to allow it to to be visible to people.
  • After writing your signature, the next step will be to scan the page where the signature has been written and save it on your computer. Use the common format and remember the name you have used in saving the file. Crop the picture to the desired size and save it again in your computer as a separate file.
  • In case you wish to include your personal information, such as your phone number, job title, email address or your physical address open the new document and include such information in bold. Save the information and locate where you saved your signature. Adjust the signature to ensure that it is the size of the document written. Thus if the signature is too large to reduce its size but if it is too small, adjust and increase the size. This will make your information to match and look more attractive. Save the new signature that has all your details on your computer. This signature can be used anytime when you want and to ensure that the signature does not get lost on your computer, make sure you send the signature in your email.

Alternative Way of How to Create a Handwritten Signature Online

  • Alternatively, there is a much easier way to create handwritten signature without going through all those processes.
  • Here you will create a signature that is smooth and look exactly like yours. This can either be made by typing your name and picking the signature sample that appears or just picking the signature you feel comfortable with from the variety of the samples provided. This will make your document to look more appealing to the eyes of the viewers, and more trust will be developed.
  • First, using your browser, open Create a new SignNow account or if you have an existing account login to it. On the top of the page, click the uploaded document, and upload or open a new document.
  • Click my signature and specify how the signature should be added. Type your name and choose the sample of signature that will appear under your name. Your handwritten signature would have been created. Save the handwritten signature to enable you to use it any time when the need arises. To make your work easier, ensure that you send the signature to your email.

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